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I have a new article on www.handmadenews.org. Here is the link.... http://www.handmadenews.org/article/index.php?id=893

Seriously, check out this site if you have a handmade business. There are tons of articles on various topics that will certainly benefit your business greatly. There are also advertisers starting to appear on the site that I'm sure you'll also want to check out. Maybe you might want to advertise your business there?! There is a link for that on the site so check it out!! And even if you don't have a handmade business, check it out anyway! Maybe something will help you with your business or turn you on to a new place to shop! ;-)

Thanks for reading and until next time...Blessings!!!! ~ Dawn


Effective Advertising Strategies Article

New Article at www.handmadenews.org! Please check it out, leave comments and vote for me! I'd certainly appreciate it. I have new articles going up there almost every other day and will be doing a feature article real soon!

Today's article is on Effective Advertising Strategies for your handmade business! Here is the link....http://www.handmadenews.org/article/index.php?id=737

Also be sure to check out the advertisers as well! That's what keeps our site going!

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Demonstration Marketing Article

Hi Friends...

Just a quick note to let you know I have a new article on www.handmadenews.org. Here is the direct link...please read and leave your comments! Let us know what you think of this great new site full of information designed to help you, the small handmade business owner!

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New Article on Handmade News

A new article has been posted at handmadenews.org. Hope you will check it out and tell your fellow craft friends about it as well!!



Follow Here or Follow There!

Little did I know when I started sharing information about marketing, advertising and promotions for handmade businesses via this blog that it would lead to other ventures, but it has! I'm now a columnist for another site (read on!), I'm starting a street team on Etsy to get store owners together to have face to face discussion about their handmade businesses and the list goes on!

While still fairly new to Twitter (and still not sure if I like it or not), I've met some interesting people along the way and have gained almost 400 followers in just the three weeks I've been on there. One person whom I met via Twitter suggested I venture over to http://www.handmadenews.org and check out the site and see if I would be interested in becoming one of their columnists in their marketing section. I went and checked out the application and decided I'd apply, but thinking the entire time, there are more qualified people out there and I'm probably waisting my time on this, but I'll try it. I had to update my resume (thank goodness sister is a Certified Professional Resume Writer for over 20 years) which I did, supply a writing sample and answer several other questions. I hit send and thought, ok, end of that, move on and forget about it.

Well, that wasn't the case. A few short days later, I woke up to an email from one of the sites VP's saying that I had been selected as a columnist for the site. I honestly thought it was a joke, but it was true. I was pleasantly surprised and humbled that I'd been chosen among the hundreds of applications I know they received.

I appreciate each and everyone one of you who follows me on this blog. I will continue to post links to this blog which will be for the articles I am writing for Handmade News. The articles for that site will be on marketing, advertising, promotions as well, so nothing will change!

And if there are topics, questions or things you would like to see articles on, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime. I'd love to hear from you! Email me at shadesjewelry@aol.com or leave a comment here!

Again, thanks and I look forward to more handmade business blogs with you!

As always, Blessings!! ~ Dawn