WOW...Long Time...No Posts! Will you forgive me?! :-)

I can't believe I haven't posted a blog since September of '09.  My apologies to all of you who are followers.  I never intended for the delay in posts to my blog, but a lot has happened the past few months...all of which has been good, but has kept me away from writing!  If you don't mind, I'll share a little of it with you and bring you up to date and share some thoughts about the direction of my blog!  :-)

At the end of September, my sister and brother-in-law approached me about coming back to work for them.  Their new business venture (one year old at the time) had taken off more than they expected and they found the need to hire help.  With having worked for my sister in previous years with her business (resume writing) and learning/knowing the new business venture from evenings of helping out when I could, I was their first choice when it came to thinking about hiring an employee again!  It happened at a great time for me because the current position I was in was becoming a headache for me and I wasn't enjoying the work anymore.  So when they called and asked if I was interested, I immediately said yes and found a new job doing what I enjoy doing....being creative, helping others, assisting businesses with marketing products/ideas and more!!  And being able to do that with family on a daily basis makes it even better!!  :-)

I continue to have my jewelry business and it is doing really well for me.  I did two celebrity gift opportunities last year and as a result, received another call a few weeks ago to provide 26 pieces of jewelry for the 2010 Oscar Nominees/Presenters who will be staying at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills during Oscar Week in a couple of weeks! My online store continues to do well for me and I enjoy the business as much as I ever have!!

The focus of my blog has always been about helping handmade businesses with marketing/advertising ideas. That will continue, but not on this blog.  I will be closing down this blog in a few weeks.  I encourage you to follow me at http://zonezmarketing.blogspot.com/.  I want to continue that focus...providing more of a general marketing/advertising direction for all business types.  With my current position with our family company, we work with small businesses every day on creating marketing materials, promotional products and much more and we are constantly staying current with trends and ideas that are the latest in helping your business stand out in a crowd.  

I hope that you still continue to follow me on my new blog and share it with others as a tool to help grow and find new ideas and ways to promote your business, whether big or small!  :-)  I appreciate you reading and following and hope my posts have been a help in some small way over the past few months.  Stay tuned for more to come and a new look to our blog in the next few days/weeks ahead!  

I would love your feedback/thoughts on the new changes and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about topics you would like to see covered here!  

Many blessings and best of luck to each of you with your business endeavors!