Developing A Class

Wanted to send a quick update to let everyone know that I'm continuing to work on developing a class or seminar type event to host for small business owners. My goal in offering this class is to make it a very casual, relaxed and affordable time in which small business owners can receive information that will be useful and helpful in helping their business succeed.

I feel that this class should be a learning time in which you will receive lots of information that will be helpful and useful in marketing your business. There are tons of wonderful ideas and resources out there and my goal is to compile this information for you and present it to you in a fun, exciting way!

I would also like for this class to have a question and answer time in which all of us can sit around and share additional business information and ideas. Having a chance to talk and network with other business owners is important and this class will give you that opportunity.

Having been in and around small business management and ownership for over 15 years with my sister's business as well as my own, my goal is to try to help others and bring small business owners together in a relaxed, fun format to share ideas and thoughts with other like-minded individuals!

I hope you will consider answering the survey below in the previous post if you haven't already and share your thoughts and suggestions you might have about this class!

Thanks for your interest! Until next time, Blessings! ~ Dawn


  1. That is so cool! Off to do the survey now.

  2. I think your idea is great..it isn't easy sometimes running a business, small or large. I ran a business of my own for many years..designed and made wedding gowns and formal wear. I loved doing it but it was always a learning process. When I finally closed it and went to work managing other peoples business I had alot to draw from, but then it was still a learning process. I think what you would like to do is great and have no doubt that you will help many many people out there. Good luck with this new idea..I know you will make a success of it.