Give To Get...Have You Considered It?

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to provide 65 earring gift packs to be put in the celebrity gift bags for the world premiere of Tyler Perry's new movie "I Can Do Bad All By Myself," which will be in New York City next week. In case you aren't familiar with Tyler Perry's movies, he writes and produces his own material based off the character of Madea (who Tyler himself usually plays!). "Diary of A Mad Black Woman" is probably the best recognized movie he's created!

When I got the email from the PR agency handling the event and got their request, I was overwhelmed with excitement, but then overwhelmed with the task as I have had less than 48 hours to design, create and package all these gifts to ship in time to NY for the event!

In talking with some friends and colleagues, their immediate response is "how much are you getting paid for that?" And when I tell them nothing, they all but yell at me! But I'm completely content with it! Here's why...

I am getting the opportunity to put my jewelry in the hands of celebrities and some potentially amazing customers for a very small investment. I am also getting the opportunity to say that I've had my jewelry included in celebrity gift bags for a world premiere movie event. Both of these opportunities for some businesses will never happen or would cost businesses thousands of dollars! So why wouldn't I take this amazing opportunity and have fun with it and promote my business?! I'd be stupid if I didn't!

So if the chance to give your handmade goods ever comes up, take the opportunity!! Whether it is on a local scale for a charity auction or on a bigger scale like for a movie premier...take it! You don't have to do it all the time, but it does make for some great PR and usually only costs you a few dollars and some business cards!

Give a little to Get a little...consider it for some great PR for your business!!

Until next time....Blessings!! ~ Dawn


  1. Congrats on being invited to do that. That sounds like an amazing opportunity. :D

  2. I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

  3. That is SOOOO Fantastic! Congratualtions!! And I totally agree it's worth doing something for free when the publicity you can get in return is worth it.

    If you don't mind me asking, did you go through a company that handles gift gifting/swag, or another way? I've been looking into some firms that do this, but they are Exorbitantly expensive! Thank you :)

    MADART (Megan) meganduncanson@yahoo.com

  4. congrats!! I hope that it leads to lots more sales!

  5. let us know if you get sales leads from that . . . I have given so many free products away as promo materials over the years, but seldom see sales from that. It could be the difference in products -- jewelry is hot now! Good luck - I hope it creates tons of sales.