First Facebook, Now Twitter!

Social networking is certainly on the rise! I must admit that it took me a long time to finally jump on the Facebook bandwagon for several reasons. But now that I have, I'm glad. The personal side of it has allowed me to reconnect and stay in touch with so many family members and friends.

But, the business side of it has been great as well. Adding my store link to my personal page introduced my business to about 90+ people who had no clue that I designed jewelry and owned my own business. They have emailed me about it, checked out my site, joined my mailing list and better yet, have made purchases! It has also introduced me to some new friends and "fans" on my business Facebook page that I also created.

If you haven't take the leap yet in to the social networking scene, I would encourage you to give it a try. It doesn't require a lot of your time (ok, it could if you let it, but don't!), its very easy to use and it can introduce you and your business to an even bigger audience!

Have fun with it and enjoy spreading the word about your business with the social networking site that are available! If you already do Facebook or Twitter, share your success stories with a comment below and also share your site! I'm always looking for new sites and friends! ;-)

Until next time....Blessings! ~ Dawn

PS...the link to my facebook page is on the left side of the blog page and if you would like to "follow" me on twitter, that site is: http://twitter.com/shadesjewelry

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  1. I've tried facebook, and twitter - that just sounds wrong. I must be getting old! Really glad they are working for you though!! Have friends on both.