I did it...I joined Facebook! Free Marketing!

I took the plunge and joined Facebook last week. I hadn't joined before now for several reasons, but after getting 8 invites to join from friends and family in one week, I said that's it, and joined.

I'm not addicted to it like my 19 & 15 year old nephews are, but it is interesting and I have reconnected with lots of friends and family from all over the country so that has been cool!

What's also been neat is that I added a link to my Etsy store and my Etsy mini is also on my box page and since adding these, I've noticed on my analytics that I've received several clicks to my store from my facebook link! So I have added yet another fairly easy marketing tool for my business by having this page. :-) Not bad!

While I can't say I've gained a sale from it yet, I have however exposed my shop to all of my friends on there (90+ as of today) and given my store another audience to promote to. Many of these people were unaware that I did jewelry or even had a store. Much like a mailing list, this keeps your name and products in front of your family and friends and whenever they are looking for jewelry or a gift, they will hopefully remember me and check out the store!

You can also set up a business page on Facebook, but I haven't explored that option yet. Right now, I'm content with what I have on there and don't want to get too bogged down with more and more things to keep up with. :-)

So if you haven't joined, consider it! And if you have, make sure you have your store mini or website link on your site! It's free promotion and that is always good!

Until next time....Blessings! ~ Dawn

PS...you can add me as a friend on Facebook if you want....there is a link to my profile on the left hand side of this blog! :-)


  1. I get a lot of views from my facebook too, not that anyone buys anything, but it's a start!

  2. Facebook is cool! I just friended you.

  3. Love your blog and all the help you give. You've just been awarded the "Sisterhood Award". You can check it out at my blog.

  4. Good luck with facebook, it sounds like you enjoy it. I haven't made that leap yet!