Putting Your Small Business on my Resume?

If you watch the news at all these days we all hear the same things, job cuts, recession/depression, and the list goes on. It's hard not to know someone these days who isn't looking for a job. My sister, a 20+ year certified professional resume writer is probably one of the few people these days who has seen an increase in her business. Revisions to old resumes, people who have never needed a resume because they've been working 25+ years are now needing one and the list goes on. It's really quite sad at times and my heart goes out to those going through this.

I have had people ask me personally and I've also seen this topic in various forums about should I or shouldn't I use my small business on my resume. My answer to that (and also my sister's answer) is most definitely YES!!!!

As we all know, running a small business like we do is not easy. For most of us, we are the only employee and we are left to run every aspect of the business. We are the owner, designer, marketer, accountant and much more.

Using this information on your resume, even if its unrelated to a job you might be applying for, can tell your potential employer a lot of about you. It can show creativity, diversity, a wide spectrum of experience (marketing, advertising, customer service) and much more. It can also be used as a conversation starter during an interview. It could lead to a lot of different and good things.

So to those who might be looking for a new job go ahead and put your small business on your resume. Show a potential employer that you bring more to the table with your small business experience than most would! Set yourself apart and stand out in a huge crowd these days when it comes to applying for a job!

Until next time--Blessings! ~ Dawn

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  1. I've always wondered about this, so thanks for the advice~