Three Things to Remember for Any Business...

I saw this post the other day while reading through the Business Topics on the Etsy Forums section. It immediately caught my eye and I asked the author of the original post if I could share it with my blog readers because I felt it was some great information!!

This was written by the owner of NeatThings who has her store on Etsy at www.neatthings.etsy.com. I encourage you all after reading this artcle to check out her store as well. She has some great products like mini note cards (great for thank you notes!!) and cards and much more that could be helpful in your store!!

For now..here are three things to remember for those of us in business....

1. It doesn't matter if people hate you.
Some people are going to love you and your shop. Some people are going to hate you and your shop. If you're me, some people might want to kill you in your sleep and never see any reference to your shop again. At the end of the day, who cares what people think? The ones who love you will buy things. The ones who hate you will talk about how much they hate you to other people, some of whom will love you and buy things. It’s win, win all around. So be yourself and everything will be just fine.

2. If you blame the economy for your business failure, you'll never succeed in business.
I mean it this time. If business has slowed down and you're looking at the DOW and deciding that the economy is to blame for your failures, you might as well close up shop now. Sure, the economy may contribute. But other businesses like yours - on Etsy and off - are moving product. If it really was the economy's fault, no "luxury" good would be selling to anyone.Instead, take responsibility for your business. Look at those businesses that are selling. Figure out a way to promote or rebrand or change something about your business instead of blaming your failure on something you cannot control.

3. Artists complain, business professionals act.
You can bet your bum that Warren Buffet didn't become the "world's shrewdest businessman" by whining to the world about how horrible things were when he was getting started. Steve Jobs didn't whine about having only 3% of market share, instead he created a new product that became an empire (iPod, iPhone, iEmpire).Sure. Sometimes things are going to get you down and you might want to vent a little.

But if this becomes modus operandi (i.e. happens more than once per year), you're going to trap your tail in the great spinning wheel of failure.If failure isn’t an option, next time you're tempted to complain, think. Solve the problem. See if you can improve your situation in some productive way that doesn't involve burdening others with your misery.

You can either be buried by your problems, or let them catapult you to great achievements. The choice is yours.

Everything she has shared with you in these three points is very accurate! The success or failure of our businesses is entirely up to us. We need to remember these things and act accordingly when they arise! :-)

Until next time....Blessings! ~ Dawn


  1. Great post!! Thanks for putting it on your blog. Some really good advice.

  2. Great tips...things we all should remember sometimes (including me).

  3. I remember this on the forums and thought "what great advice". My hubby just gave a business conference where he quoted from a talk we had attended "Refuse to participate" in the recession or downturn in the economy. Great advice. Thanks for resharing.

  4. Great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing - I'll try to keep that in mind.

  5. Great Blog Post! NeatThings always had such great advice! Thanks for putting it in your blog were I found it so easily, I too will try to keep it all in mind.

  6. Great advice! Thanks for passing it along.

  7. I have always enjoyed the advice NeatThings has had to offer. Thank you for posting it in your blog.