How Do You Package Your Orders?

When I first opened my store and started getting orders I never thought too much about my packaging. I put each piece in its own little plastic zip bag and put a label on the outside that had my store website address on it. I would then put those in a padded envelope with a little tissue paper and my business card.

The packaging worked and was fairly cost effective, but as time went on, I didn't think my plain, non-personal packaging was appropriate for my style. The customers were taking the time to visit my store and spend their money on my jewelry, why couldn't I give them a few minutes back and take the time to personalize each package I sent? I knew it was time to change the packaging I was using.

I decided to go with a plain jewelry box that I could "dress" up myself. Since my colors are black and white I thought a white box was appropriate. I designed a label that says Thank You and also has my store website on it. I added a little design element to it to dress it up and of course used my "logo" of black pearls on the label as well. I then ordered a bulk size spool of curling ribbon in black. So now I was ready for orders!! ;-)

With all the new materials I'd gathered for shipping my orders I was now ready to send out a more professional looking package, without spending a fortune! Now each piece of jewelry gets put in a box that is cotton filled. Then I put my special thank you label on the top of the box. I then take the black curling ribbon and tie a bow around the box and leave a couple of longer pieces that I curl with my scissors. That box then goes in the envelope. But, before I seal the envelope, I take a couple more minutes to write a personal thank you note to each customer and thank them and let them know I appreciate their business. Of course I also make sure that a couple of business cards go in the order...one for them and one to share!

I feel much better about my packaging now for a couple of reasons. One I feel it protects my products much better as it travels around the world through the postal service. And two, I feel it gives me a much better appearance when it arrives in my customers hands.

I hope they realize that I've taken a couple of extra minutes to say "thanks" for shopping with me. I do truly appreciate their orders and I want that to show.

How do you package your orders? Do you think your customers know you appreciate their order? If you aren't sure, maybe its time to look at your packaging and change it up for the new year!

As always, Blessings! ~ Dawn


  1. Dawn,
    I'm just starting, but I have a few factors that go into why I package how I do.
    Mainly, cost. It's a really tough economy, and I want to keep my prices low enough so that people can afford them.

    But I do dress them up inexpensively. I wrap in gold and silver tissue paper, and tie with a ribbon, stick it in a bubble envelope, and voila!

    Of course, I've only sold two items so far, so we'll see how things go in the future.

  2. Mashinko...I think that packaging sounds nice. You don't have to spend a fortune to make it look like you did!! What is most important is making sure your customers feel like you took a couple extra minutes with their order!! And it sounds like you are doing that!! Best of luck to you!!!

  3. Nice post! I personalize all my packages in some small way. I include cards/promotion items from other Etsy sellers that might be of interest to the buyer ... I wrap each sale simply, with tissue paper and tied cotton floss bow and a personal thank you note or card which features a little piece of my art.


  4. I'm having a hard time with packaging, because most of my items are big, bulky, heavy and odd sizes and I'm trying to package to keep the glass from getting broke. So I'm mainly packing for that and not looks, but I do try to put a handwritten note in and a business card or two. Still struggling with this and how to make it a little nicer.

  5. My packaging is very similar to yours and I know customers recognize the time and effort because they usually comment that their package was like a gift *smiles*

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  7. I also put my jewelry in a cotton filled box. I ordered a bulk order of gold boxes that are really nice. I also include a hand written thank you note and put it all into a cute (usually teddy bears) envelope : )

  8. thanks for sharing your tips... i would love to see a photo pf your packaging!

  9. I package my items in a bubble wrap enevlope I and a business card a thank you card and the item.On the outside I have labels with my shop banner on them to kinda dress it up ( when i have labels lol)

  10. I have been dressing up my packaging more. I have always handwritten "thank you" and dress up the invoice with rubber stamps but I am starting to use more boxes and want to design a thank you label. Great post.

  11. I put all my items immediately in "ship" mode. 1st in a sealed plastic bag, then wrapped with tissue paper and then into a see thru organza cinch bag. Then....Add a business card with a handwritten thank you and any special tips or cleaning instructions. That all goes into a bubble envelope. So far it works! Phew!!!

  12. I was going with tissue paper in a decorative organza pouch, but I know I need to upgrade this year. I think the little cotton filled boxes are about as cost effective and much nicer to receive!

  13. It is definitely the details like that, that keep your customers coming back for more.