The Press Release Worked!!

I posted last week about doing a press release to your local paper about your business. As a part of that post I shared my press release with you. I emailed that press release the next day, along with my photo to my local paper.

On Sunday, much to my surprise, since business articles are usually in on Tuesdays, my press release was published. I knew they would publish it but I didn't think it would make it in on Sunday, which is the biggest day for the paper!! That was definitely an extra perk!

The article has done the trick. I've been contacted by a couple of local retail locations on carrying my designs in their stores and with the help of Googly Analytics now on my Etsy site, my views have been unbelieveable! ;-) I've also received a couple of emails about custom orders as well.

The increased exposure this article produced has been great. Writing the press release took a little less than 30 minutes and it cost me nothing!! And its given me sales, increased traffic to my store and two retail locations wanting to work with me on adding my jewelry to their stores.

So...are you going to take a few minutes and write your press release now?? I hope so. You never know what might happen from it!

Blessings, Dawn

PS...if you do write your press release, let me know what kind of response you get from it!!


  1. Dawn that is great!! I am very happy for you and will definitely look into it..

  2. Excellent! I'm glad you did it! You never know until you try and look at the success you've had! Awesome!

  3. This is wonderful news!! Congratulations to you!

  4. I saw your post last week and started working on mine! I'll let you know how I get on, thanks for the motivation, I haven't done one for the last 2 years :)

  5. WOW Congrats and you just motivated me to do the same... THANK YOU