Praying For a Snow Day!


I'm sure that title has you wondering what in the world I'm talking about. I thought I'd stray just a little bit from some of my normal blogs and have a little fun!

Talk about a flashback to my childhood! Growing up in southeastern Ohio, snow days were a big deal when we were in school. And we've certainly had our share over the years. My neck of the woods is a rural area that is just south of Athens and Ohio University. Even though I'm a mere 10 minutes from town, getting our roads cleared out in the "country" is sometimes a major task!!

Now that I work full time, getting snow days doesn't happen anymore it seems. My boss is however very understanding about my living outside of town and my road not getting cleared real quick and I sometimes have to come in to work late. I appreciate that very much.

Tonight though, I sit here praying for a snow day tomorrow as we are under a winter storm warning from now through Wednesday night. They are calling for our area to get anywhere from 4-8" of snow and then an ice accumulation late tomorrow in to Wednesday before possibly getting a little more snow on top of the ice. I'm really hoping that we get enough snow that my boss calls me and says stay put! Although I do understand that getting that much snow and ice causes problems for others and I hate that. Let's pray for a compromise!

Most of you are probably wondering why does she want a snow day? A day off and stuck in the house means that I'd spend the day creating new jewelry!!!! Why wouldn't I want a snow day?! While I enjoy my job, a day or two off stuck at home with the snow would be just the ticket for me!! ;-) I could sleep in a little bit, enjoy some coffee and then hit my design area and "play" all day. I could play with my beads, polymer clay and even my torch and work on new jewelry designs....that's almost like being a kid again in a lot of ways!! A full day of creating would be a great boost in helping me get my store stocked too. I'm half way to my goal and maybe after tomorrow, I'll be a little bit closer!

While the snow hasn't started yet, the radar is telling me that its on the way! How much we get remains to be seen at this point. I won't know until the alarm goes off tomorrow morning. What would be even better would be a text message from my boss saying enjoy your snow day!

Try to always have fun with your business!! I'm hoping I get to do just that tomorrow!!

Until next time--Blessings!! ~ Dawn


  1. I hope you get to stay home and enjoy a snow day, too. I remember, in Mo. we were always hoping for snow/ice day. Actually here in Central Texas, we're under a winter storm warning, ice storm warning and dense fog advisory. So I may get to stay in all day and play, too.
    If you have the time would you check out my blog for a new post about my redesigned biz cards? I appreciate the help you've given me and all of us so far. Thanks so much.

  2. I really hope you get to stay home tomorrow and "play" in your shop... I had 7 days last month of the College being closed for snow days...I lived in my shop. We all need an extra day sometimes to just stay home and play. my fingers are crossed for you.