I Was Creative!! Wait, I am all the time! :-)

Most of you are probably thinking, big deal, she was creative, isn't she supposed to be? She is a jewelry designer and creates jewelry. :-)

That's true! But for almost two weeks I've been in a creative block. I would think about getting my supplies out and would think, no way, I'm too tired, I can't tonight and I'd do something else like posting in the forums, updating the store or designing ads. Then I would go to work the next day and think to myself, tonight when you get home and after you get dinner taken care of, you are going to get your supplies out, sit down at your table and create.

Those nights turned in to a week and then that week turned in to another week. But tonight, that changed. I got my supplies out and sat down at my table and the creative streak came back. It felt good to get back at it. It was good to look at all those beads and colors and dream! In the couple of hours I created, I completed 3 pairs of earrings and 4 bracelets!!

Sometimes I wish all I had to do what just sit and create jewelry. I wish someone would buy the supplies, keep track of the inventory, post the items to the store, take care of the advertising and marketing and most of all, the invoice and tax junk!!! ;-) But unfortunately, I'm all those people in one as I'm sure most of you are as well!

Sometimes those things get in the way of being creative. That's ok though. Don't look at being all those people as a bad thing and not being creative. Embrace it. The experience you are gaining in running your own business is invaluable. You are learning to be more self confident every day and have a deep self respect. At the end of the day when you lay down, you can look back and see everything you did. And think of it like this and you will surely smile....you were the Chief Operating Officer, the Treasurer, the Marketing Director, the Advertising Department, the Sales team, the Chief Designer and so many other titles!!

Can everyone else who works every day lay down at night and say they were all those things today? NO!! So while the creative process sometimes gets interrupted, that's ok. We are still learning and being creative...just in other ways!! :-)

Until next time--Blessings! ~ Dawn


  1. Yay for you! I, on the other hand sat for two hours remaking the same bracelet..lol. You did a lot today : )


  2. The same thing happens to me. If I am not in the right frame of mind when I sit down to create it is a waste of time. So I go off and do other things and the creative juices always come back.

  3. that's is oh so very very true! =D

  4. I get those brain freezes all the time...especially when being a taxi driver to my 3 kids!

  5. My muse takes off for days without any warning. Boy am I glad to see her when she returns.