That's Nice! - Thanks I Made It! - Here's My Card!

How many times has that happened to you? Whether you are wearing a piece of jewelry you have created or you are wearing a scarf you have knitted, I'm sure its happened to all crafters at some point, no matter what you create or design!

I know for me this has happened a lot. I always make sure I am wearing my jewelry. Whether it's a necklace, earrings, bracelets or a combination of those items it seems I always get asked about something I'm wearing. I also make sure that my mom and two sisters are wearing my jewelry as well. They all have different tastes so this allows me to really show different styles of my jewelry through them!!

When I get comments on my jewelry I immediately say "Thanks, I made it." Which usually leads them to asking if I have a website or a store and I reply "I have an on-line store, here is my card." I immediately pull out my business card and hand it to them. And my family does the same thing for me!! They always have my cards on hand to share when they get asked as well. I've handed business cards out to ladies at the drive-thru window, to waitresses, ladies working the register at the local stores I shop in, moms on the baseball field or basketball court and more!

Making sure you always have business cards on hand when asked about your craft is always very important. This allows you to "promote" your business no matter where you are! A clear, concise business card that shows all the necessary info about your business is key. A cluttered or hard to read card won't give your business the best impression. Remember, they've seen a little of your work and are impressed, keep that impression going by handing them a good business card!

Business card ideas and printers are available everywhere these days. Your local office supply store, copy or printing store and even on-line card businesses are readily available to help you get a professional looking business card ready to pass out!!

Get your cards designed and printed and start carrying them everywhere you go so you can promote your business!! :-) Include a couple extra cards in the orders you send out as well and encourage your customers to share them with friends!

You never know where you'll be when you'll get asked for a business card, make sure you are ready!


  1. Very good reminders!
    I was in the post office a few months ago and the workers there know me by name and like seeing what I bring in to ship. One day, they said "Well if you're looking for records, you really need to talk to this gentleman behind you! He's the KING of records around here!"

    We chatted and he sells records as collectibles on ebay. There are many he acquires that he can't sell (missing cover, scratched vinyl) and that's what I need!

    Lucky me, I had a card! :O)

  2. That's great! You never know where you will be when someone will ask! :-)

  3. I always carry some cards.Just in case.Great blog thanks for sharing it with me

  4. Great reminders! I'm soo bad with my jewelry - I don't have time to put it on when I'm going (NOP the right word - RUNNING) outside with the baby :))
    But goal for 2009 - First Jewelry - then baby wen I'm going out :)!