A New Year!

2009 is well underway! I, like I'm sure most of you are, am hoping that it is a better year in a lot of ways!! 2008 certainly saw its share of ups and downs, but its in the past and let's keep it there!

I was very blessed in '08 however with the opening of my etsy store for SHADES. I had purchased some jewelry supplies from a couple of etsy stores, but never thought of opening my own store until I found out how easy it was to use and maintain and also gave me the option of a shopping cart for on-line purchases and several other easy to use options that my website I had didn't and couldn't offer.

In February of '08 I posted my first pieces and was immediately surprised at how well the store was received and how well the sales started to come in. I have been fortunate enough to send jewelry to Canada, Belgium, England, Italy, Ireland and many, many states in the U.S.! In fact, over 200 sales happened for me. It's amazing that people all over the country and the world are now wearing pieces of jewelry that I have created!

I hope with the start of this new blog that I can accomplish a few things..

1. Keep my current customers posted on what's going on with my store and the new techniques I'm learning or trying in my jewelry designing
2. Help other small businesses (Etsy stores owners and others) with some of my marketing/advertising successes
3. Make some new customers and expand my business more

Here's hoping that 2009 turns out to be a great year for everyone and that we always remember the blessings we do have and receive each and every day!



  1. GooLuck on your blog and etsy shop!

  2. Great start to your blog Dawn. I'm going to add your link to mine for interesting blogs to visit!


  3. Welcome to blogland!

    I'll keep an eye out for your marketing posts and may send some of my readers over here from one of my blogs at pamhawk.com

    I'm always on the look out for more marketing and blogging tips written specifically for the Etsy crowd.


  4. Good Luck with your new blog. I am looking forward to reading it. I can always use any help that I can get with the business end of this etsy endeavor. I would suggest that if you stick with these colors, which i really like btw, that maybe you could increase the size of your font for the posts. Its a little hard to read at this size