A Personal Thank You...

Sunday, after I returned home from church, I was going through my Etsy store and realized that my first sale happened almost a year ago this week. That first sale came in less than 24 hours after I opened my shop and added the first few items. Talk about a surprise...it certainly was!!

Thinking back on that moment and how excited I got that someone clear across the country had seen my item and wanted it, I immediately smiled. In fact, I still smile whenever I receive an order! I decided that I wanted to personally thank each buyer that I've had in this year. Crazy I know, but they each made my first year on Etsy special and I felt they needed to be told that.

And that's what I did. I sat down with thank you cards and sent each buyer a card and included my business card and a special coupon as my way of saying thanks for making my first year special. It was a long process and yes, each card was hand written, but they all went out in the mail today. :-)

They took the time to look through my store and spend some of their hard earned cash with me, taking a few minutes to say thanks to each of them was the least I could do I. Several of them have become repeat buyers, other were one time buyers. Whatever the case, they all got thanked!!

I hope they each know that I truly appreiciate them and their business. I plan on keeping up the thank you card tradition, only this time, I'll send them a couple of weeks after the purchase. Just another personal way to show your customers you care and want to keep their business!!

If I get any response from the thank you cards, I'll be sure to share it with you all!

Until next time....Blessings ~ Dawn


  1. What a beautiful and special thing to do. I am sure all your customers will have big smiles when they get those cards in the mail.

  2. How wonderful. In this day and age no one seems to have time for anything. I'm sure many of your customers appreciated your thoughtfulness and the time you took to hand write the cards. I just had my first sale today, hopefully in one year I can be looking back at my year of sales with pride also!

  3. That is an awesome idea Dawn!!! But then again, you are so thoughtful!!

  4. Love the personal touch! I always include a thank you note with the purchase. I do like the idea of sending one a few weeks later though! Let's them know you are thinking of them! Great idea!

  5. I was wondering how the response went? Ah you have beautiful hand writing.